Coniuncta’s mission is to highlight undergraduate research at the University from a myriad of fields and foster conversation across disciplines.


Coniuncta is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal of undergraduate research published by the Washington Literary Society and Debating Union at the University of Virginia.

Our philosophy is to promote dialogue across disparate programs by offering a platform to all. The great academic debates – the lyrical opposition of Charles Gleason to Frederic Clements, conservation’s struggle with SLOSS, Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud’s infamous feud over the unconscious – often typify, but are relegated to, disciplines. Coniuncta believes these fields should engage with each other.

E. O. Wilson was not the first to propose the idea of consilience – the unity of knowledge – but thrust the theory into the conversations of the fields he proposed integrating. By balancing humanities and sciences, hydrology and history, Coniuncta strives to unify and expand knowledge. We stand by the credo of the Washington Society: 

“Quam Fluctus Diversi, Quam Mare Coniuncti.”


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Although the waves are many, the sea is one.


It is an honor to be published in Coniuncta. However, we do not think the conversation should stop there.

Undergraduate research should be more than a means to an end, be it graduate school admission, interview fodder, or a tagline on a C.V. Being included in Coniuncta should be a reflection of dedication to research and academic discussion, and hold true to the words of Woodrow Wilson inscribed on New Cabell Hall: 

“You are here to enrich the world, and you impoverish yourself if you forget the errand.”

About the Washington Literary Society and Debating Union:16716007_1424762440881754_3311153646613629746_o

The Washington Society, colloquially ‘the Wash’, was founded in 1831 at the University of Virginia to promote a literary culture and the art of oratory. The Society meets Thursday at 8 P. M., with information on the Washington websiteConiuncta is overseen by the Wash and is composed of members of the society, but independently reviews submissions.